A Rebel and Rose


Sixteen going on twenty years old
She was pretty as a wild rose
Had everything but what money couldn’t buy

He was rebel eighteen years old
Never followed rules just followed his soul
Pocket full of dreams but not a dime
When their eyes met their hearts were set free
Like a lighted match dropped in gasoline

He was a rebel, she was a rose
She was blacktop, he was dirt road
A farmer’s son a banker’s daughter
Just like mixin oil and water
But they didn’t listen to all the reasons
They felt the power of love’s freedom
When their hearts touched love began to explode
It was Fourth of July between a rebel and rose

Her Daddy said girl you’d better forget
He ain’t the Romeo for my Juliet
Her momma said some day you’ll understand why kind

With a tank full of dreams they were paradise bound
Like two pioneers breaking love’s first ground
Found the first church past the city limit sign
Like heads and tails of the same coin
They were two hearts and now they’re joined

Then one night they got a call from her folks
Said that they were wrong
It ain’t what you have or where you’re from
Cause when it’s love your heart will choose the one

The story behind the song…
This is one of the first songs that I wrote that I finally felt was getting there.  I have reworked this song over a period of several years to get the lyrics and melody to this point.  It has received multiple honorable mentions and made the second evaluation cut in Nashville.  The story typifies the classic Romeo and Juliet struggle between two hearts from opposite sides of the track that have fallen in love.  The bottom-line is that you can’t choose who you love, your heart makes that decision for you.