Can’t Cover Up Hillbilly


Her trans am’s now a mini van
Big hair’s been cut short
No halter tops or short cutoffs
It’s Christian Dior
Drinks red wine instead of moonshine
Eats sushi instead of pork
Broadway plays the Met ballet
No honky tonks or Jones
But standing in the country she know just where she’s from

She loves her Skynard turn it up
Short black dress and long legged strut
Loves her Bible and shotgun
Hot June nights and ice cold Bud
It’s in her heart running through her blood It’s who she is can’t cover up

Armani suit hides a tattoo
Springbreak ’94
His doublewide’s now a hi-rise
View of the store
Sold his truck joined the country club
Now he’s yelling fore
Maserati Pavarotti
No David Allen Coe
But standing in the country he knows just where he’s from

He loves Hank Junior turn it up
Camo clothes and pick up truck
Loves his Bible and shotgun
Hot June nights and ice cold Bud
It’s in his heart running through his blood It’s who he is can’t coverup

It’s in you, it’s in me, it’s in all of us in our hearts and in our blood
We can’t cover up

The story behind the song…
We were sitting around a bonfire one night, of course drinking a few beers reminiscing about our childhoods. And as the stories unfolded about big hair, pickup trucks, Trans Ams and tattoos – and how we all were in the burbs now with family vans and respectable jobs. I realized that you can grow up but you never can cover up your roots.