Athough born in Tacoma, Washington where his father was stationed in the service, Tedd spent his youth in Cincinnati. On his 10th birthday he received an Alvarez acoustic guitar, which was the beginning of an obsession that has yet to cease. As a teenager he participated in many bands and began writing songs. Over the next 20 plus years, he has worked extremely hard to hone both his guitar and song writing skills.

He is an active member of NSAI and has participated in several workshops, symposiums, as well as song camps. He was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in the Billboard Song Contest and received a Certificate of Award for his participation in a homegrown album project produced by a local radio station in Cincinnati.

He loves the process of writing and creating a song that can touch the hearts of listeners. While not working as a trade magazine publisher, he writes songs and frequently travels to Nashville to further establish his song-writing network.

Please take a moment and sample some of his work, find out the story behind the song, order a CD, or contact Tedd.